Tips to welcome new employee and make onboarding smooth

How a new employee is welcomed in an organization speaks volumes about the kind of workplace it is.

Welcoming a new employee isn’t a mere formality; it is a process to form the foundation of trust that can ultimately increase employee engagement levels.

A warm welcome to new employees isn’t just a nice gesture; it is an effective strategy for greater productivity and longer retention. A well-thought onboarding process is professional and compassionate.

How an organization welcomes its new employee sets the nature of the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Employees’ initial days and weeks in an organization define their goals and paths within the organization.

Ways To Warmly Welcome New Employees

There are several ways to welcome a new employee with an efficient and effective onboarding program.

The process of welcoming a new employee begins before their first day. A smooth transition must be ensured because it leaves a lasting impression of the organization and its employees.

When the new employee has accepted the employment offer, ask for all the legal documents that are required for background verification.

Once the background verification is completed, start preparing for their first day in the office.

  • Reach Out with Welcome Mail

Post the acceptance and signing of the offer letter; the HR team should send a separate welcome mail letter before the new employee’s first day at the office. Make sure to mark all the relevant stakeholders, such as managers, function heads, buddy, etc.

When new employees feel valued and welcomed, they tend to go the extra mile for the organization.

Even, new employee’s direct manager should make a call to congratulate and introduce himself/herself.

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  • Allot a Buddy/Mentor

It is crucial to pair a buddy, who is their colleague. It helps the new employee gel with other team members and can also make use of some handy training tips.

A buddy helps the new employee to find their way around the new setting.

It gives a sense of relief to the new employee, and they no longer feel out of place.

  • Inform Existing Employees

Prior to a week of new employees’ joining, send out a mail to all the existing employees providing information about the new employee.

Ask them to be empathetic, and they shall help him in whatever way possible. Provide the new employees’ contact information if anyone from their team wants to have a chat with them.

  • Have an Informal Conversation 

Before their first day, the HR team or new employee’s buddy or immediate reporting manager should call them and welcome them to the team.

Talk to them about their hobbies and interests to develop a rapport with them. This will not make new employees feel alienated in the new environment.

  • Ready their IT Tools and Computer

When new employees share their pertinent details with the IT, Admin Department, the concerned departments allocate and configure their systems before the date of joining.

Ensure that the new employee’s system is all set and ready to go on their joining date. The new employee should not be left clueless in terms of their passcodes or permission level. Their first day must go smoothly, without any interruptions.

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  • Host a Welcome Lunch

The direct supervisor/immediate reporting manager/buddy of the new employee should take them out for lunch.

Not only will this turn out to be a memorable experience for the new employee but also it is an excellent opportunity for the supervisor to know the new employee on a personal level.

  • Share Performance Plans and Goals

For the onboarding process to go on smoothly, ensure that there is no room left for assumptions. Employees must be clear with the company’s goals and objectives.

Both employer and employee must share their expectations. When there is no room for confusion, it helps to make the relationship of employee-employer lasting.

  • Introduce Upstream and Downstream Colleagues

Giving a tour of the office and other important places is a standard practice of the onboarding process. 

However, it helps when the new employee is introduced to the employees, irrespective of the hierarchy.

It lets the employee understand how their position, roles, and responsibilities fit into the bigger picture of the organization.

  • Prepare an Onboarding Kit

On their first day, give them customized company-branded goodies to welcome them into the organization.

In another kit, provide them with a specific point of contact details to make the transition easier for them. In addition to this, add all agreements that are to be signed.

Also, provide them with a checklist so that they know which documents are yet to be completed.

  • Onboarding Survey

Once the new employees are all settled in the new workplace, the HR team does regular check-in(s) with them to ensure they are comfortable.

This survey is conducted to measure the levels of satisfaction. They are asked for feedback about the onboarding process, and to rate their overall experience while they were being recruited. 


For outstation candidates, the company must make all their travel and accommodation arrangements. 

Once the outstation candidate has accepted the offer letter, connect them with a broker who will help them with accommodation and inform them about the area around the office. 

Over the initial period, acknowledge their efforts and achievements. When new employees are treated with warmth and compassion, it gives them the feeling that they’re trusted and respected in their new role. 

Once their true potential is realized to deliver the best work, it creates a positive impression of the organization and ultimately increases employee engagement.

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6 Short yet awesome welcome emails for new employees

Email Template #1

Subject – Welcome aboard!

Dear (Name),

Welcome to the team! We’re all excited to have you at (Company Name). As discussed, your start date is (Enter Date), and we expect to see you in the office at (Time).

We’ve planned out your first day, so it gets easier for you to settle and get acquainted with everyone in the office.

We will have our morning coffee together, and then we’ll head to HR to sign the documents and complete the other important paperwork.

Once we’re done with the formalities, I will give you a tour of the office and let you get settled in your new cabin. Later on, we will set up your phone and computer.

Later on, there’ll be a brief onboarding process to introduce you to our policies, culture, and mission. In the meeting, you will meet your direct supervisor, who will tell you everything about your roles and responsibilities.

If you have any queries, please reach us at (Enter email and phone number).

Once again, congratulations! We’re happy to have you with us and looking forward to seeing you.



Email Template #2

Subject – Welcome to {Company Name}

Hi {Name},

Congratulations on being board with {Company Name}. We are delighted to have you as a key member of our team. All of us here are looking forward to helping you find your way into the office.

I will see you on {Date} in the office at {Time}.

When you arrive at the office, please contact with {Name of the First Contact}. I will be waiting for you in the cafeteria. Over coffee, we shall discuss your roles and responsibilities and sort out your paperwork.

Then, we will go around the office to meet the rest of the team.

Sit back and relax; you’ll have a great first day!

Let me know if you need any assistance.

Looking forward to meeting you!


{Phone Number}

Email Template #3

Subject – Congratulations on being a part of our team!

Dear {Name},

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to (Name of the Company). We believe that you will be a great asset to the team and our organization.

There’s always a lot to learn when you start a new job. Not only is it about work but also the work culture and organizational procedures.

Take your time to get acquainted with everyone around. We’re certain that you will prosper in this position and set a new benchmark for success.

If there’s anything you wish to clarify, please feel free to contact me.

Best Wishes,


{Email/Phone Number}

Email Template #4

Subject – We are pleased to welcome you!

Hello {Name}

Welcome aboard! We’re glad that you accepted our offer, and we hope that you will have an amazing experience with us at {Company Name}.

As discussed, your first day will be on {Start Date}, and we expect to have you here by {Time}.

There’ll be an orientation with the HR personnel wherein you will meet your direct supervisor. They will give you a brief about the company, its objectives, and the products and services.

We also arranged a team lunch for you to get acquainted with your colleagues.

We believe that you’ll prove to be a great asset to the team, and you will fit perfectly in our company.

Once again, welcome to the team.

You can reach out to us in case of any queries or clarifications.


{Phone Number}

Email Template #5

Subject – We are pleased to welcome you!

Subject – Congratulations!

Dear {Name},

Congratulations on joining our team at {Company Name}! We’re thrilled to have you on board with us. With your skills and experience, we’re sure you will be a great addition to the team.

Your joining date is {Enter Date}, and we expect you to be here by {Time}.

As discussed, please fill in the onboarding paperwork in the link attached below. This will save you from the bother of running from department to department.

With your paperwork completed, you can get to know your colleagues and supervisors on the first day.

We are confident that you will be a great fit for the organization.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Please contact us if you have any doubts.


{Phone Number}

Email Template #6

Subject – Welcome to the team!

Dear {Name},

We are excited to have you on board with us at (Company Name). We hope that this relationship will go a long way.

That said, we expect to meet you on (Date) at (Time). Here’s what you can expect on your first day – 

  • Morning coffee/tea at our cafeteria
  • Followed by meeting the HR team to complete all the necessary paperwork
  • Next, we’ll get you settled in your office, and set up your system
  • Then there’s a short briefing with HR regarding our company’s policies, culture, and so on.  
  • After that, you will meet your mentor to discuss your roles and responsibilities. 
  • During lunch, we will have you meet your team members.

Needless to say, feel free to contact us in case of any queries. 


{Contact Details}


As you can see, you can make any simple welcome into a warm welcome just with very little effort. I hope you enjoyed this article and please don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about this. If you want to use the email template, please click on the download button without hesitation. See you soon!

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