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If I retrospect my life, Football and video games were my childhood. Apart from being a great fan of Manchester United, video gaming was my other passion to such an extent that today I have more than 120 playing hours of Witcher 3 and it won’t be a great surprise if I say that this could have been my alternate career option.

Likewise, some of my other past experiences have helped me a lot to build and grow. The frequent transfers of my father have given me enough chances to interact with new people and learn their regional languages. This has not only made me adaptable but also improved me as a person where I can gel up with new people easily.

But as said, your bad phases can too teach you a lot. Once, I flunked my data visualization course at IIM, when my attendance fell short, but ironically that’s what I am doing today at PagarBook.

The hardship of that moment made me strong enough to accept my failures and work continuously to win them over.┬áToday, I believe rather than worrying about things that are not in our control, one should be more focused on giving his best in all situations because that’s what I do follow!

– Ved Prakash Verma

Product Analyst

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