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“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”, and this saying precisely defines who I am. For me, work is a priority but above that comes my state of nature where I do not believe in staying within my comfort zone.

As an Individual, there is always a possibility of adding more to your achievements , this attitude partly explains why I am a workaholic.

I have evolved through experimenting, risking, breaking rules and enjoying moments. One such moment was on my trip to IIT-BHU to talk about my soon to be released book, “The Muffin and the Little Girl”- I went on stage to address but just after a few seconds in, I got nervous and I stopped but soon enough I picked myself up and finished interacting with students but the incident had a huge impact on me.

My mentor then said, “Don’t worry, you have learned something today.”, and it changed my perspective of looking at things.

At times I still get nervous but I have immense faith in myself to sail through anything. Beyond my corporate life I dwell in theatre, poetry, traveling and writing. I have been an active member of Atul Satya Koushik’s: The Films & Theatre Society, one of the India’s biggest production houses in Delhi and have acted in several plays, donned the scriptwriter’s hat multiple times and published many poems. 

I admire fine arts so much that I would have been an actress if not a corporate writer.

Also, I always believed in giving it back to the community so I worked with Cry India for underprivileged kids. Working for people forms my definition for success as well, which stretches beyond just money, it is about keeping humanity intact before anything else. “It helps you become a better person.”

– Sarika Singh

Copywriter, PagarBook


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