The PagarBook People – Jesaanto Reny

I love being called a people person as everyone around me enjoys my company. From being witty to outspoken, my childhood has taught me enough to be strong and what I am today. I have been a lonely child with no friends, so know very well how it feels to be left alone. These experiences have given me utter confidence to voice out and help others in every possible way. To be fair and to listen to others is something that I am proud of doing today.

A couple of other incidents too that have brought value to my life. Getting a job at one of my dream companies was my first achievement. It was in 2019,  I joined PagarBook as the 10th employee and likewise, my learning curve has achieved great heights after that. This opportunity has not only boosted my career but has also taught me a lot in dealing with people.

To me, the most complex thing is understanding humans as everyone is unique in his own way. Yet, I built a career in HR, where I love to meet people with different perspectives and help them build a better workplace. If I would not be an HR today,  you would have definitely found me in a psychiatrist’s chair, helping people to deal with their problems.

– Jesaanto Reny

HR Associate

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    Awesome lines Keep rocccckkkiiinnnggg


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