The PagarBook People – Akanksha

Art should be something that liberates your soul”, this is especially true for Akanksha. A passionate painter, an imaginative product designer, and a free spirit, Akanksha believes that “you can create anything once you see it in your mind”. 

She is a realist painter living in Bangalore whose artistic journey began in second grade. As a child, she competed and won the All Maharashtra Art Competition. Akanksha held her first exhibition at the age of 18 and sold eleven paintings. Several such art exhibitions helped her gain a lot of knowledge and experience. She enjoys reading about artists from all over the world and is interested in art history. Her colourful paintings represent the wild and fierce girl that she is. She likes to capture the essence of India in her paintings, and her art collection includes, paintings based on, Madhubani, Thangka and many more.

Apart from art, she is a passionate basketball player (who has also played for the under 18 National Basketball Girls’ team) and an avid FIFA player, who knows the perfect balance between work and leisure.

In Akanksha’s own words, “Being an Air Force kid, I got to live in several Indian cities including Punjab, Assam, Pune, and then, for studies & work, I explored Bangalore & Ahmedabad as well. This greatly aided me in incorporating cultural diversity and, later, coming up with inputs that add depth to my creations.

Carrying this essence of creative diversity, she has livened the work space of PagarBook with her paintings. She believes in pushing her limits and keeping the user first when designing any product, and that is what she did during the design process of PagarBook’s BioMetric machine.

We are proud to call her our in-house “Picasso”!

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