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Ever since I can remember, I was considered the fearless flag bearer for all things that I believed in. My peers would often call me “The Cowgirl” out of respect and admiration. This very aptitude of mine led me to journalism.

I have played a multitude of characters in personal as well as professional life. From my days as a journalist to a Content and Copy Strategist canvassing beautiful scripts for various brand campaigns, I have always been ready for new roles and challenges.

My days as a journalist involved covering Gujarat Earthquake, Akhsardham Terrorist Attacks, Gujarat riots to professional encounters with Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Singer Shubha Mudgal, Late Pandit Kishan Maharaj, Gautam Adani, Madhur Bhandarkar, Late Sridevi and other eminent personalities.

My journey is like the library which has a book of stories for everyone.

I am personally drawn towards the beauty of nature, which is why I love gardening and travelling. I have a lot of thrilling and wonderful experiences in my travel diary and am always on the lookout to add to it.

It’s not easy to condense my experiences and life journey into one line, but if I were to do that, I would say that my life has been like the various colours of nature – full of variety and excitement.

This also distills in my professional character, because simplistic and user-friendly approach along with a long term vision to transform the way small and medium sized businesses function inspired me to join this movement that PagarBook started and train business athletes to win business hurdle races.

I have always shaped my life as I wanted to and have touched the lives of others to help them do the same. Many consider their experiences with me as nail biting, some say enthralling and some enlightening.

I am an adventurer, an explorer, an enchanter, an abode of serenity and old world charm.

“I am a book where every single chapter is a great adventure in its own right, and the climax is yet to be written.”

– Pushpa Shahi

Manager, Content & Copy

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