Employee Management System and Why it is Important

Employees are more than just labor or support operators for your thriving business. They are the central source of your productivity, which is why understanding the significance of employee performance and Employee Management Systems (EMS) can assist you further.

Now, let’s understand the basic features, importance, and benefits of Employee Management Systems.

Apart from collecting crucial information such as daily attendance and working hours of employees, EMS also strives to improve employee efficiency and engagement toward everyday tasks.

Your company’s HR department and employee manager’s need to play a vital role to analyze and understand a worker’s task, performance, efficiency, and difficulties.

Understand employee management system (EMS): 

EMS is an advanced and smart working system allowing organizations to function systematically by maintaining employee details thoroughly.

PagarBook Employee Management Systems lets you cloud-connect with your employee, anywhere and anytime. Our system is time-efficient and a comprehensive money-saving method.

Apart from this, traditional manual processes are eliminated, and all functions are provided to support the organization, its growth, and their employee’s productivity.

Enjoy better decision-making with EMS:

Employee Management System reduces the burden on HR Departments and further assists the company to perform more securely.

In today’s world where technology is considered as the key to success, we now have the opportunity to thank smart technology systems like EMS for improved performance. The PagarBook EMS provides insights for your business like no other.

Workers can enjoy a timely payroll and will be more efficient, all while the system regularly maintains employee attendance, working hours, tracking worker location via GPS, and supports the payroll process for companies. 

The system can manage a remote worker’s activities, and introduce reliable methods for attendance logs and entries to admin and HR departments.

Tools needed to manage The Employees:

“Every company must have to maintain its real gems. We can say that the gems are their reliable workers. So we need great tools to manage our worker’s record. The Employee Management system manages all of it.”

When we search for the best tool and EMS software on Google, several choices are available. However, the best Employee Management system (EMS) is the one that incorporates the most helpful functions and features.

Introducing the best EMS, we present ‘PagarBook‘ to you. We provide all necessary features like a real-time attendance management system, leave management, payroll management, employee final report and report sharing system with your employees. PagarBook prioritizes the accuracy and security of your valuable data.

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody wants an effortless user interface. No one likes to wait for system performance! PagarBook understands the value of your time and puts forth a speedy approach to Employee Management Systems.


Must-have features in Employee Management Software

Every Employee Managgement Platform must have real-time attendance management tools, leave management tools, payroll management, employee final report, report sharing system with employees.

Along with all these features, one valuable feature is that the system should be user-friendly.

The system must be accurate and fair:

For the sound functioning of your business, such tools and systems that maintain employee records accurately are required. To overcome the growing burden of duties and responsibilities on managers.

The system must have a good speed:

Trends now demand increased speed and system reliability. No one loves to wait for next screen to appear after clicking on any button. And If app or platform is crashing on any particular functionality, then it would be a great time and effort waste for you.

So, before opting the EMS, you need to be very careful with the system’s speed and reliability.

System Backup Facility

One trivial mistake can result in huge losses of valuable data. To move past this obstacle, a user-friendly EMS along with reliable backup facilities for your business is crucial. PagarBook considers this and offers extensive backup systems to prevent loss of valuable information. 

Key features of PagarBook for employee management system:

We understand that your manpower is your real power. So, PagarBook provides the most suitable features for your employee management.

Add and Manage the Employee: With the help of this feature, you can add or update all details of employees very easily.

Actionable Report: PagarBook helps you make daily and monthly work reports efficiently.

Online Backup Facility: With backup facilities provided by PagarBook, we help you to store and recover all your valuable data in any situation.

Report sharing with anyone: You can share all your employee’s reports with one click.

Payroll management: PagarBook helps you maintain a payroll system of your employees within a minute.

Staff Joining: As they say, the right employees will improve your company’s work efficiency. We understand this concept which is why PagarBook has features and tools that enable you to create job postings and job vacancy posts that can effortlessly be shared on social media platforms.

Benefits of Using the Employee Management Softwares and Apps

EMS reduces the burden on the HR department of your organization. It makes your tasks simpler and helps you fulfil them quicker. PagarBook Employee Management System boosts your profitability, performance from employees, efficiency, and accuracy. 

One key feature of our system is that it’s free of cost! Not just that, now you can manage remote work with the help of PagarBook EMS in a phased manner.


Improve the efficiency of workflow

Manual procedures to record and manage an employee’s day-to-day attendance and activities is a nightmare for every employer. Not only is it more tedious, but the chances of errors are enormous. To overcome this, PagarBook employee management platform doesn’t just offer accuracy but also boosts yours and your employee’s productivity.

Along with increased transparency with your fellow employee, you will surely witness a positive atmosphere at your workplace.

Boost employee productivity and motivation

Behind every successful company, there are several well-motivated and driven employees. How does this motivation arise?

With a positive workplace and a fair rewarding system, why won’t they be motivated! Motivation empowers workers to reach their maximum potential, which in return magnifies their productivity and skills. Your company’s HR department must be able to understand employee mindsets and communicate accordingly. Clear and effective communication can also motivate a worker and make everything smoother.

Ensure the security of data

Did you know that Human resource databases of companies have become a hacker’s primary target?

This is because the data can provide hackers with valuable information like employee Aadhar Number, bank account details, personal information, salary information, KYC and other significant documents.

This breach of privacy can be costly for not just the employees but also your entire business.

Traditionally all such crucial information would be stored either on a spreadsheet or paper. However, this age-old method could deem to become harmful if found in the wrong hands.

To overcome such security breaches PagarBook app has specific security measures, multi-factor authentication procedures, and data encryption processes.

Such features support you secure your employee’s information without having any second guesses.

 Lower employee cost With EMS

Employee Management Systems also offer innovative ways to promote workplace motivation which possibly influences your company’s growth. With the help of PagarBook’s employee management tools, you can easily collaborate with your staff to stabilize new targets and make them feel a part of your business and its road to success.

With efficient EMS, companies can get twice the result with the same number of employees. This will decrease the expenditure to hire new employees. Every business must remember that motivated employees portray their best self and this surely boosts productivity.

A smart management system like PagarBook allows better results with lower investments on employees. With PagarBook, you don’t need to worry about maintaining your employee’s records.

The app helps you to manage your staff attendance, salary, working hours, advance payment, and everything related in just one click. Whether you want to manage the system from your phone or desktop, PagarBook is user-friendly everywhere!

How to Manage Employees

Managing employees in the right way can make or break the success of any organization. If your employees are happy with you, they will perform very well for your business, while lazy and unhappy employees will bring you down.

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Be an Effective or Open Communicator

We have to understand that if you don’t know how to communicate effectively with your employees, you won’t be able to manage your work well.

Sending messages or commanding orders is only half the battle. Knowing, understanding, and listening to employees and their perspectives is the key to success.

To be a great leader you need to learn to be a great communicator. Better communication is the first step towards building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your employees.

Your “do as I say” attitude is not the most effective mantra for your workplace. Team collaboration and mutual understanding is the right way to go.

Set Clear Expectations

For better performance, setting clear expectations of what you expect from your employees is crucial.

You have to create a clear image of what you want from your employees. And how this expectation can lead to team collaboration and fulfilling company goals.

As a Leader, you must not only impose your expectation onto your employees but also positively encourage them for better performance.

This excellent strategy will also help boost your employee’s self-esteem which will result in positive work performance. This is an employee relationship management strategy or a performance management strategy.

As a leader, you should always be motivated and inspire your employees, show some appreciation and gratitude, and give them your time.

Help Grow Your Employees

This is not an ideal world where all employees comprehend all guidelines and rules and perform as expected. Unfortunately in some situations, the employees don’t even understand their valuable roles.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to encourage employee growth, which will further reflect on your company’s productivity.

It’s even possible that sometimes employees cannot understand your expectation with him or her. This is a result of poor communication between you and your employee and a possible lack of training. Sometimes your employee may not be managing their time wisely.

There may be times they are doubtful about their abilities as well. In such cases, you have to train your employees regarding time management, work management and performance management.

Since you are well-versed with their capabilities, you have to encourage them to perform better.

Create a sense of trust

The foundation of any kind of relationship, especially in the field of business is trust. Trust between an employer and manager paves the path towards a more loyal and engaging relationship of employees and the company.

When employees believe in the company’s objectives, people, and working methods, they tend to work harder and more efficiently for the company.

To build this fundamental foundation, it’s important for you to first set the right example with your performance. Avoid playing the blame game, and instead, focus on building better communication with your employees and understanding them.


Reward Management System

Reward management is concerned with the formulation and implementation of policies that aim to reward the most blooming and deserving employees of a company.

Reward management is a value-added service to your employee mindset, which reflects the hard work of employees towards the company. These systems also support organization strategy and empower employees to feel a stronger connection to their workplace and employers.

What is Compensation and Reward Management 

We can say that reward and compensation management is equal to motivated manpower. Reward management is one kind of motivational procedure that every company must have to motivate their employees for success. 

For enhanced performance, you have to set goals and rules for your employees. When they perform well, rewarding them in the right way can go a long way!

Employers must ensure that all their employees are well aware of these policies and goals to help them perform better. Happy Employees mean a Happy Organization!

How to Improve Employee Reward Management

Having a reliable reward management system can deliver the benefits your company has always needed! Let’s discuss how we can transform your business with such reward management systems.

Whenever you create a reward management system for your organization, you have to involve your employees in it, and you can ask them to provide creative ideas.

Instead of creating a sales contest for choosing a single winner, reward all who do well for your company.

What are the Types of Rewards for Employees

Rewards like added office perks, assigning your flourishing employees a corner office or cabin, organizing a dinner with your boss and skilled employee. Or even providing your best employee the best parking spot can show them your appreciation like never before!

Apart from this, you can also reward your employees with a splendid free lunch outside the office atmosphere.

What is an Employee Reward Strategy

To support your organization’s and employee’s growth and performance, you must create a comprehensive reward strategy.

Reward strategies involve designing and implementation of reward policies that support your achievement goals and also deliver a motivating and effective workforce.

Often an organization makes a mistake to create a reward system without any goal. Sometimes, unplanned reward strategies can create issues amongst employees. Thus, before forming a reward policy, it is necessary to plan the overall goal.

Management Tricks of Reward Strategy

Planning how and when to reward your employees is imperative. Remember, employees must always be rewarded for their hard work and loyalty at their workplace! 

A gift card, special present, or similar valuable actions could make a huge difference! Even something as simple as an appreciation letter or certificate of appreciation personally written by you with the signature of your boss could be a great way to communicate and build a strong bond between you and your employees.

Verbal recognition is also very important. Employers must always put in the effort to plan and reward their valuable and hardworking employees. These small efforts will surely boost employee confidence and efficiency.

What does a reward manager do for performance appraisal?

In employee reward management systems, the reward manager is solely responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and administrating reward strategies and reward programs for the company.

Every company needs to assign a reward manager who has certain skills that help them understand how rewarding systems boost the work ethic of employees.

Reward managers need to research the company structure and employee work procedure, after which they will be able to use smart technologies to create the most beneficial and appropriate reward program for employees.

A reward manager must look after health and welfare plans, retirement plans, life insurance plans, wellness programs, and any other employee benefit plans that promote their work ethic and efficiency.

This kind of planning attracts your employees to boost their work capacity and be the best they can be.


Customer is God, but your employees are your warriors. Remember, one of the most valuable resources in your organization is your human capital.

Manpower, their talent and hard work reflect in your organization’s performance. 

This is why employers must be thorough with employee management systems and why the PagarBook employee management is the most reliable way to manage your employees.

PagarBook EMS will be your helping hand in building a stable, transparent, accurate and secure relationship with your employees. 

Follow the tips and tricks, along with our advanced management system, PagarBook. With us, you can transform good employees into your best employees!

If you’re managing remote employees then, do not forget to read our proven hacks for remote employee management.

Still Not Using ‘PagarBook’ for Employee Management?

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